Unforgettable You

Unforgettable You is about engineer Jo Blaine. She’s been away for months working on an oil rig in the Atlantic Ocean. She’s desperate to relax with some girl time. The last thing Jo needs when she walks through her front door is to find a strange man staying in her house.

Stephen has always felt guilty for the part he played in ruining Jo’s life years earlier and immediately jumps at the chance to make things up to her by looking after her apartment and her giant cranky cat.

But as they grow closer, it soon becomes clear Jo is hiding something about her past that is coming back to haunt her. After a lifetime of taking care of herself and her sister Amy, Jo isn’t used to sharing her problems, especially when they involve her messy family history. But when threats start to escalate, Jo must decide whether to trust Stephen before her stubborn independence places them all at risk.

Unforgettable You by Georgina Penney

My Thoughts on Unforgettable You

Right from the very first page of Unforgettable You Jo’s strength of character shines. She is exhausted from long hours of travel and a heavy few months away. All she wants is a shower and sleep. Her apartment is a mess and there’s a naked man in her bed. They didn’t call her Krakatoa on the rigs for nothing.

No matter how kickass Jo is on the rigs, she is still haunted by her childhood years. Jo goes with her sister Amy to visit her Mum. Although Amy seems oblivious Jo can see her mother still suffers from her fathers temper. Jo contacts her father with her own threats and sets in motion the escalating threats and harm she ultimately has to face.

I loved Unforgettable You. The characters are strong, independent and know what they want. I enjoyed the way the author wove in a variety of family issues and real life dramas. This is the Author’s second novel and I’ll be hunting down the first one.

Title – Unforgettable You
Author – Georgina Penney
Genre – Romance, Women’s Fiction
Series – None (but it pre dates her first novel and shares characters)
Publisher – Penguin Books Australia, Destiny Romance
Release Date – 14 May 2014
I received a free advance copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

RecommendationUnforgettable You is a great read with realistic characters and storyline. It’s much more than a romance. I loved it with 4 stars

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