The Job Proposal

In The Job Proposal Kate is enjoying being engaged—that it’s a hoax is beside the point. To succeed at her ultra-conservative finance job she needs to reform her flighty, party-girl reputation, and a good old fashioned marriage of convenience is exactly what she needs to put her one step closer to the promotion of her dreams. But when Adam, Kate’s best friend from high school, arrives for a visit, her perfect arrangement suddenly isn’t so perfect anymore.

The Job Proposal by Wendy Chen


My Thoughts on The Job Proposal

I found it very difficult to read past the first few pages of The Job Proposal. Even though Kate was just a character in a novel I found her behaviour and take on life very sad.

Kate is a workaholic trying to meet the financial and emotional expectations of her Mother. Kate has a sex buddy on tap, has a party style life, works hard plays hard. To ensure she gets included in the work social functions that will lead to promotion she needs to change her lifestyle. Kate enters into an engagement with a friend to help him get his green card. Then puts a ring on her finger and announces it at work.

I wanted to jump in there with a bunch of self help books to show her how to live her own life for herself.

Then Adam comes to visit. He has his own past relationship issues to deal with. As he spends more time in Kate’s apartment he becomes aware of the mask of her corporate image over the real Kate.

Once I got past those first few pages in The Job Proposal, the story unfolded more and I really felt pity and sadness for Kate. The storyline flowed and the characters were interesting. Adam was a real gem.

Title – The Job Proposal
Author – Wendy Chen
Genre – Womens Fiction
Series – None
Publisher – Diversion Books
Release Date – June 17 2014
I received a free advance copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

Recommendation – The Job Proposal was interesting to read. It raised some differences we accept between men and women. I gave it 3 stars

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