Soutache Tutorial Capalaba in August

I was recently invited to Capalaba in August to teach a soutache tutorial to a lovely group of ladies who meet there regularly for beading. The Ladies were all at various stages of their beading journey but eager to learn a new technique.

Jewel in the Crown was the soutache tutorial chosen for the class of 6 Ladies. Once everyone got used to holding the stack of three soutache braids in their fingers as they stitched, they all enjoyed themselves. Stitching can be very relaxing. Add some beads to the stitches and you create something magical.

My sample piece is in lavender and pansy. Karen did a fabulous job on the poinsettia and navy getting the main part finished and trimmed then completed at home the next day. Faye got to the stage with her pink and burgundy of gluing on the foundation and Hilary was on track with her lavender and pansy one and completed at home a few days later. the other Ladies were all on track before they left and I hope to see their completed pieces when I call into the group next month. So definitely a successful soutache tutorial day!

Soutache Tutorial Jewel in the Crown


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