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Smog Grey Soutache Braid 3mm x 3mts


Product Description

Fibre art takes many different turns, this rayon braid is designed for soutache embroidery but can be used in any form of embroidery or fibre work. Combine black with smog grey soutache braid and a vibrant colour for a snazzy piece of jewelry to go with your black outfits.

This listing is for one 3 metre length of Smog Grey Soutache Braid.

Lengths of smog grey soutache braid are stitched together or combined with other colours. Mostly pearls and seed beads are stitched between stacks of braid using the middle ditch section of the braid. Then bead embroidery techniques are used for the finishing.

This smog grey soutache braid is manufactured in the US (by BeadSmith). It is made of Rayon (a semi-synthetic fiber also known under names like “viscose rayon” and “art silk”). This brand has consistency of width, thickness, and drape so that the rayon and polyester braid can be used together successfully.

Size and color:
3mm wide
3m long (approx 3.2 yd)

Smog – a soft grey colour

Colours may vary in appearance due to changes in screens.

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Additional Information

Weight .01 g


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