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Lavender Soutache Braid 3mm x 3mts


Product Description

This listing is for one 3 metre length of Lavender Soutache Braid

teal soutache braidLavender looks very pretty with lilac and teal for a very spring colour combination.

Lengths of lavender soutache braid are stitched together either on their own or in combination with other colours. I like to use pearls, crystals or seed beads to stitch between layers of braid stacks. Then bead embroidery techniques are used for the finishing touches.

This lavender soutache braid is manufactured in the US (by BeadSmith). Polyester is an entirely synthetic fiber. It takes color beautifully, so is available in brighter colors. The sheen is slightly duller than that of the rayon. This brand has consistency of width, thickness, and drape so that the rayon and polyester braid can be used together successfully.

Size and color:
3mm wide
3m long (approx 3.2 yd)

Colours may vary in appearance due to changes in screens.

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Additional Information

Weight .10 g


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