black smog grey saffron soutache braid combo
black 2safronsmogsaffron soutache braid

Black Smog Grey Saffron Soutache Braid Combo 3 Colours x 2mt


Product Description

Black Smog Grey Saffron Soutache Braid Combo 3 Colours x 2mts. This is a project pack where you get soutache braid 3mm wide in 2mt lengths of three colours. The colour combinations are chosen from those I’ve used in kits and there will be a bead pack suitable to combine with it.

When using a combination of colours in your project you may choose to make some areas only two colours and add a third colour in selected areas to create a more subtle pop of colour. There is no right or wrong number of colours or braids to stack together. It is entirely dependant on your personal choice and the project design.

54 63Black Smog Grey Saffron Soutache Braid Combo is used in the far left picture with the saffron minimal. The blue picture is 2 pieces of royal blue with one navy to give a more subtle look. This is the Nebula necklace tutorial and kits are available.

This particular pack contains the colours black, smog grey and saffron soutache braid. All colours can be bought individually if you prefer just go to the braid colours category on the home page

Size and color:
3mm wide
2mts long (approx 2.2yd) of each colour listed below

  1. Black
  2. Smog Grey
  3. Saffron

Black Smog Grey Saffron Soutache Braid Combo pack total of 6mts of braid.

Colours may vary in appearance due to changes in screens and dye lots.

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Weight .2 g


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