Grounding yourself is as simple as breathing

Grounding yourself is as simple as breathing.

So why is Grounding necessary?

Grounding helps maintain a balance of your physical and spiritual bodies. When grounding is consistently practiced your entire body is nourished and energised. This results in better health, abundance and well being.

So what is Grounding?

Grounding is literally feeling the ground/earth beneath your feet. It is as simple as walking bare foot in the grass or dirt or sand. Spending any time in nature sitting, hiking, riding or being at the beach. You don’t need any fancy products. Spending time in nature is the easiest connection.

What is being Ungrounded?

When you are ungrounded you are not fully in your body. Your consciousness is elsewhere. You may be in the past or future. You maybe emotionally upset, dizzy, confused, unfocused, obsessed by worrying thoughts. You may be “off with the fairies”.

When you are grounded you feel present, centred, balanced, whole, complete, calm and peaceful. YOU decide how to respond to a situation.

Methods of Grounding

If you are feeling particularly ungrounded, there are some specific extra things you can do. Try and spend about 15 minutes doing the following exercise.

Visualise yourself as a tree.  Send your roots deep into mother earth. Sit or stand barefooted on the earth if you can, otherwise indoors is fine. Do this daily for a few minutes. If you also send your branches high into the sky you connect heaven and earth.








This is something you can do anywhere, anytime. Whenever you are feeling off balance, been hit with a problem, take a moment to re-connect, send your roots deep into the earth and feel the calm. You’ll find it much easier to focus and deal with the issue.

Why should you develop a Grounding habit?

Our lives are busy. We spend alot of time using technology, computers, microwaves, air conditioners. Grounding gives us a way to connect to the earth. A way to stop for a moment and slow down. A way to focus and think or contemplate.

Even more important, teach your children and teens to ground. The younger generation are spending less time outside and more at the computer or game machine.

With children, grounding is as simple as laying on the ground watching the clouds or the stars. Making a veggie garden. Building sandcastles.

So Tell Me – How do you spend time in nature?

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  1. I have seen a lot about grounding lately. I have practiced it for years without the name. I live in the country and my favorite thing to do is walk around the property and sit by the firepit getting in tune with nature. I am a real ‘tree-hugger’ sometimes talking to them. I haven’t been to see them much lately due to weather, but they are just outside my window and it helps.
    Kathryn M Bennett recently posted…The Incredible Inedible EggMy Profile

  2. Great reminders. I love walking barefoot on the earth and physically touching trees if they are available. Picturing a tree in your minds eye is an excellent suggestion. Lately I’ve been drawn to the water as a way to ground and reconnect. Sometimes it’s just bath water but does the trick!

  3. We are really lucky as our current apartment has a balcony that looks straight over the Arabian Gulf. My favourite weekend activity is sitting out there with a strong coffee and savouring the peace and quiet. I find, exactly as you point out, that just that simple action helps me find a peace and tranquillity that can often get lost during a busy week at school. I have many friends in Kuwait who would argue that you cannot be ‘at one with nature’ here but I most firmly disagree.

    • That sounds like an amazing view Caroline. The sea and the sky and whatever is in between, magical. I agree with you. Sometimes nature is not obvious. I’m not familiar with where you are, but some places are dominated by concrete and bitumen and nature seems to be hiding. There is always the sky or a birdbath, potted plants and animals, we just need to seek them out.
      Lorelle Mac recently posted…Grounding yourself is as simple as breathingMy Profile

  4. Never learned this nor was attracted to it, but I finf myself at 75 years young still rushing through life and tasks. This might be the path to help me get present, centered, grounded. Love nature and it inspires my creativity. Now need to connect to nature on a more personal level. Outside is a layer of snow & I like it.I picture myself in it.
    Roslyn Tanner Evans recently posted…Famous Necklaces in FilmMy Profile

    • There are so many ways Roslyn. I saw your article on the colour black and your lovely jewellery. Do you work much with gemstones. Black onyx, obsidian snowflake, tigers eye are just some of the stones that can be used for grounding and a simple way of combining nature with your work.
      Lorelle Mac recently posted…Grounding yourself is as simple as breathingMy Profile