Decluttering your life

Decluttering is more than cleaning out your closet. We’re all familiar with the decluttering articles and television shows which help us sort out the physical clutter that we gather around us. The accumulation of possessions is a very visual, obvious dilemma. There are various emotions attached to those possessions which often make it very difficult to let go of those items.

Time for a “Spring Clean”

Many of us have a schedule for “spring cleaning” and it doesn’t always happen in spring.

You become aware that life has been so busy you’ve let household tasks slide. Maybe the garden looks like a forest. You may have made a career change and the wardrobe needs a cull so you can update it.

decluttering your garden










You set aside the time and tackle it. When you’re finished you feel tired but satisfied. You feel pleased with what you have achieved. Everything looks lovely, you feel proud!

You’re just as good with voicing your feelings. You can tell others about your plans, or when something upsets you.You can discuss your thoughts and opinions. You feel supported in your decisions.

When you feel cluttered by life

Sometimes you can get so overwhelmed by life that you can’t tackle what needs to be done. You bottle your feelings because you don’t want to upset someone else. You stay in a toxic workplace because you need the wage. You hold onto possessions because you worked hard to purchase them or they were a gift.

Your surroundings become cluttered. You feel tired, drained. Nobody is listening to your needs. You feel unsupported, used, dispirited.

It’s time to go within to connect with your emotions.

Decluttering your emotions

This is the invisible clutter. This is emotional clutter within our self. This is the clutter we store around our hurts, our thoughts, our beliefs.

Decluttering your emotions requires you to go inwards to look at your feelings.

Take the time to assess how you feel throughout each area of your life.

  •  work
  • health
  • home
  • environment
  • money
  • family
  • friends

Is there some past trauma or hurt that is still affecting your thoughts or actions. Is someone overstepping your boundaries. Are you being heard? Is someone continually undermining you?

What changes do you need to make so you feel good? So you can get on with life and do needs to be done.

We all know working and living with others requires flexibility. This does not mean your feelings or boundaries should be disregarded.

Are your thoughts, feelings and beliefs aligned so they are expressed in your actions?

What I do – Emotional healing occurs when you shift that old hurt from your energy.  I work with you to identify the issues keeping you locked in past hurt. I clear and re-set your energy system. I teach you to develop your own process for emotional decluttering.

Contact me to find out how I can help you.

So tell me – Do you take the time to assess how you feel? Are you in-tune with your feelings and how they guide your actions? Do you have some hints to share with us.

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