Hi I’m Lorelle. WattleTree Lane is my little country studio in the Brisbane Valley, Australia. Visit me where I hang out on Facebook.

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I’ve been making things since I was a teenager and played with lots of differing crafts. I made my childrens clothes when they were young and my own for many years. Then I discovered cross stitch and various embroidery techniques. About 7 years ago I went to a class to learn a wire coiled necklace and got hooked. It was a simple step to beadweaving, soutache, wire wrapping and more. I use various tutorials (too many to name individually) to learn various techniques, and get ideas for bits of a project. I love the swirls and shapes of baroque and art nouveau and the elegance of tudor jewelry. My soutache and bead embroidery jewelry are influenced by the romance and history of these bygone eras. Pinterest is also a great place for finding inspiration for colours and shapes for my modern vintage jewelry. I use quality beads and findings particularly seed beads, crystals, pearls, soutache braid, wire.

For nearly as long, my other intrigue has been Self Healing with Alternative Modalities. I’ve done many days of training and course work, read many books, dabbled with making soaps and using essential oils. I also love dragons and owls.

Your wardrobe of work, casual and special occasion wear will be greatly enhanced by any of my beaded necklaces, gemstone bracelets, and elegant earrings. Or choose a piece of artisitic jewelry and create an outfit to match. Visit my online store to find something to suit your wardrobe style!